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Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan, also known as the Swadeshi Research Institute, is a pioneering organization committed to the revival and promotion of Swadeshi principles in India. At its core, Swadeshi signifies self-sufficiency and the utilization of locally sourced resources and products to strengthen the nation’s economy. The organization is dedicated to conducting extensive research and educational programs aimed at fostering awareness of Swadeshi values, sustainable living, and traditional Indian knowledge systems. Through advocacy and collaborative efforts, Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan seeks to endorse policies that empower local artisans, safeguard traditional craftsmanship, and uphold indigenous wisdom. They regularly organize events, workshops, and exhibitions to showcase Swadeshi products and share insights into their cultural significance. In doing so, Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan plays a pivotal role in preserving India’s rich cultural heritage while championing economic self-reliance and community empowerment.

Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan

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Through rigorous research and education, the organization seeks to raise awareness about Swadeshi values, sustainable living, and traditional knowledge systems. It endeavors to empower local communities, artisans, and farmers while preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan conducts various programs, workshops, and events to disseminate knowledge and promote the production and consumption of locally sourced goods.


The organization envisions a society where Swadeshi principles are not just a historical concept but a living, thriving reality, where traditional crafts and skills are celebrated and valued. Ultimately, their vision is of an India that harmonizes economic progress with cultural preservation, creating a sustainable, self-reliant, and culturally vibrant nation that stands as a model for the world.

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Congrats and best wishes to Shri Sundaram ji, Shri Satish ji, Shri Ashwani Mahajan ji, Shri Prof B P Sharma ji and Rajiv Kumar ji for inking the partnership between Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan and Pahle India Foundation to leverage each others strengths which includes the network and research capabilities with the common goal of ‘Putting India First’ and achieve Atmanirbharta in Policy making!! Rgds, Madhav Nair, Country Head & CEO, Mashreq Bank, Dy Chairman Indian Banks Association

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About swadeshi shodh sansthan

Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan, also known as the Swadeshi Research Institute, is a dedicated organization in India that advocates and promotes the Swadeshi movement. Rooted in the principles of self-sufficiency and reliance on indigenous resources, Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan conducts research and educational initiatives to raise awareness about Swadeshi values and traditional Indian knowledge systems. The organization actively engages in advocacy efforts to support local artisans, revive traditional crafts, and preserve India’s cultural heritage. Through events, workshops, and collaborations, it strives to empower communities, strengthen the nation’s economy, and foster a deep appreciation for Swadeshi ideals in a rapidly changing world.


You can support Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan in several ways to contribute to their mission of promoting Swadeshi principles and sustainable living in India. First and foremost, you can raise awareness about their initiatives and principles within your network and on social media platforms. Sharing their research and educational content can help spread the message.




Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan, or the Swadeshi Research Institute, is an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the principles of Swadeshi in India. Their work encompasses several key areas:

Research and Education

The organization conducts extensive research on various aspects of Swadeshi, traditional Indian knowledge systems, and sustainable living. It aims to create awareness and understanding of Swadeshi principles through educational programs, publications, and academic initiatives.


Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan advocates for policies and practices that align with Swadeshi ideals. This includes supporting local artisans, promoting traditional craftsmanship, and encouraging the use of indigenous resources and products to strengthen the Indian economy.

Cultural Preservation

The organization plays a role in preserving and promoting India’s cultural heritage. This may involve efforts to protect and revive traditional art forms, languages, and practices that are integral to India’s identity.

Events and Workshops

Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan often organizes events, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions to showcase Swadeshi products, traditional crafts, and indigenous knowledge. These events help engage the public and create a deeper appreciation for Swadeshi values.


Swadeshi Shodh Sansthan collaborates with like-minded organizations, individuals, and institutions to strengthen the Swadeshi movement and amplify its impact on society and the economy.

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